From healthiest to most delicious, these are the best vegan breads you can order online right now!

In these trying times, there’s one thing everyone in the world wants: bread. Warm, tasty, flakey bread. However, if you’re a vegan like me, it’s hard to find a quality bread that doesn’t taste like cardboard (sorry, but it’s true!). And while you may have experimented on your own, baking vegan bread every week can become daunting. So you’re left to search the grocery aisles and online. But you know what they say: a good vegan bread is hard to find. You want soft, flakey and tasty vegan bread you can order and have sent to your door. That’s where we come in.

We’ve taste-tested dozens of vegan breads to deliver the top 5 best vegan breads you can order online right now! Ready?

Freshness: 95%
Taste: 100%
Versatility: 100%
Price: $
Overall: A+

This is the absolute queen of vegan bread. La Boulangerie has been making amazing pastries and breads for years in San Francisco and recently started selling their best breads online, including this 100% vegan version. This one is top notch. Croissant Bread is not quite a regular loaf of bread, not quite a croissant. Somewhere in the middle. It’s flakey on the outside and soft and flavorful on the inside. What we love most about it is the versatility. It can be used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eat it simply as toast or make a powerful sandwich. It’s all good with La Boulangerie! And right now, they’re offering 50% OFF your first order, which was the best deal of any brand we found.


Freshness: 89%
Taste: 90%
Versatility: 90% 
Price: $
Overall: B+

Alvarado has an amazing variety for vegan breads made from non-GMO ingredients with none of their products containing peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, or dairy. We love the California Style loaf with its hearty flavor and fresh crunch. It’s a great choice for a small cucumber sandwich in the middle of the day. We wish the bread packed a little more punch, as the slices are quite thin, but you can’t win them all right?


Freshness: 80%
Taste: 85%
Versatility: 80% 
Price: $
Overall: B

One Degree is made with organic sprouted whole grain wheat flour and organic sprouted lentil flour, but doesn’t taste too earthy like you might think it would. It actually has quite the sweet flavor with a nice nutty punch. I’ve used all their different styles from Lentil Grain to Ancient Whole Wheat and they’re all delicious.


Freshness: 90%
Taste: 85%
Versatility: 70% 
Price: $$
Overall: B-

Manna Organics breads are made from sprouted whole organic grains, without added sugar, yeast, salt, preservatives, or oils. We’re really impressed by how much flavor their breads pack. The banana bread is nothing to write off, super flavorful, sweet and fresh. It may have got a lower rating for lack of versatility… something like La Boulangerie Vegan Croissant Toast can be used for just about any meal, while this banana bread is more of a desert. That said, try it if you can, it’s delicious!


Freshness: 90%
Taste: 85%
Versatility: 85%
Price: $$
Overall: B

We couldn’t get through this list without mentioning a good vegan rye bread to try! Vermont Bread Company has a few vegan options, but we thought their old style rye was the top mention. All of their breads are natural, avoiding corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, chemical additives, and artificial ingredients. Thankfully, it doesn’t take away from the freshness, and they have some of the best breads around.


That said, there really is very little competition between La Boulangerie and all other vegan breads. It’s by-far the number one pick. To help give us some more clarity into why, we asked one of our reporters that helped with the list, Stephanie Mason, to give us a little more insight on her first choice.

To be honest, I wasn’t much of a bread eater in the last few years. Being a vegan, it makes it hard to walk down grocery aisles, most of the selection looking unhealthy and bad, and most certainly not vegan. And when I went to the bakery, even though they had vegan options, it felt like I had one day before the bread went stale. 

I had pretty much given up on vegan bread when I visited my friend, who I trust with my life. She made me lunch and served me the most delicious A.L.T. sandwich (Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, mmm!). I couldn’t get over how fresh and soft the bread was. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I asked what bakery she picked it up at. She laughed and told me it was La Boulangerie (like I knew!). That’s when she pulled a bag of Vegan Croissant Toast OUT OF THE FREEZER! I couldn’t believe she froze the bread and I thought it was baked that day. I was floored. I asked her for the rest of the loaf (LOL) but she told me to order my own. And seeing they were offering 50% off your first order, I DID NOT hesitate.

I received my order in just two days and was so excited to try it out. While I made my first breakfast with it, I learned a little more about the bread…


La Boulangerie uses all non-gmo ingredients, which help keep it’s fresh flavor and as natural as possible.


What shocked me the most was that La Boulangerie doesn’t use any artificial preservatives. For how fresh it tasted days after receiving, I was blown away. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s some of the freshest bread I’ve ever eaten. 


A lot of times when you pull eggs, butter, and dairy from a baked good, the trans fats go through the roof. But surprisingly, La Boulangerie keeps the trans fats out of their Vegan Croissant Toast!

For breakfast I tried some classic toast and drizzled some delicious salt caramel on top. It was SO GOOD - although my sugar levels were through the roof for a second there! LOL.

For lunch, I opted for Avocado Toast, something a little healthier than caramel! It was just as delicious though, the bread is so soft and fresh-tasting. I loved biting into it!

I have been a vegan bread believer! Do not hesitate, order this today!


I tried Vegan Croissant Toast to make my famous french toast and it literally blew me out of the water. I thought I was good at making breakfast but this took it to another level. You gotta try it!

-Marcy, 28

I made an amazing breakfast with Croissant Toast! Avocado and toast. I know it sounds simple, but the flakey pastry makes this recipe out of this world!

-Sheri, 40

My favorite lunch these days is cucumbers, tomato on a Vegan Croissant Toast. It’s the perfect meal to give me all the energy I need. I MUST have my Croissant Toast though, it’s heaven!

-Mark, 33

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