It’s undeniable that, when making french toast, nothing is more important than the BREAD. You may have the finest powdered sugars, sweetest maple syrups, and freshest fruits available, but if you can’t find the perfect french toast bread… what’s the point?! That’s where we come in. We love discovering new, amazing ways to up your breakfast game, and this list absolutely brings you to the majors. We ordered dozens of breads online to find the absolute best french toast bread available.


Freshness: 95%
Taste: 100%
Versatility: 100%
Price: $
Overall: A+

This is the absolute queen of bread. La Boulangerie has been making amazing pastries and breads for years in San Francisco and recently started selling their best breads online. This one is top notch. Croissant Bread is not quite a regular loaf of bread, not quite a croissant. Somewhere in the middle. It’s flakey and buttery on the outside and soft and flavorful on the inside. And, you guessed it, it makes for the BEST French Toast Bread ever. It was hands down our favorite.

They even made a French Toast Recipe Guide!


Freshness: 80%
Taste: 90%
Versatility: 70%
Price: $
Overall: B-

It was hard to find a good cinnamon french toast bread, but we were somewhat satisfied with Pepperidge Farm’s French Toast Swirl bread. For it being less fresh than most, the cinnamon swirl is the best in the game. But because it’s versatility tends to stop at French Toast, we’d almost rather recommend a better bread like La Boulangerie that can be used for a lot of different meals. For french toast, a hearty sprinkle of cinnamon sugar can do the trick.


Freshness: 90%
Taste: 70%
Versatility: 90%
Price: $
Overall: B

If you’re looking for a super healthy, vegan french toast bread opton, Angelic Bakehouse may have your back! They make natural breads from wheat and grains that taste extremely fresh. In our opinion, it’s not the best type of bread for French Toast, but it gets the job done, especially if you’re trying to be conscious of your health. If you’re a vegan, we’re not sure eggless french toast is our first recommendation LOL, but here’s the bread to start with!


Freshness: 90%
Taste: 80%
Versatility: 90%
Price: $
Overall: A

It might sound crazy, but we’ve had some great experiences with a sourdough french toast! We tried a few different breads but we think Bread Alone’s Organic French Sourdough is our first choice for a sourdough french toast. It’s got a good thickness along with a super fresh taste. Really one to try!


Freshness: 90%
Taste: 90%
Versatility: 80%
Price: $$$$
Overall: B

This Brioche French Toast from Chesapeake Bay is truly a delight… if you’re willing to spend the money. Sent from France, it’s truly French Toast! It’s soft and thick like you’d hope for with a really unique taste. What stopped up from giving this a higher recommendation is the price. About ten times more expensive than any of the other breads on this list! That’s crazy! We love this bread, but we know we can get an even better experience with the ones listed above, especially La Boulangerie’s Croissant Toast.


That said, there really is very little competition between La Boulangerie and all other breads. It’s by-far the number one pick. To help give us some more clarity into why, we asked one of our reporters that helped with the list, Stephanie Mason, to give us a little more insight on her first choice.

To be honest, I wasn’t much of a bread eater in the last few years. When you walk down grocery aisles, most of the selection looks bad or just doesn’t seem healthy. And when I went to the bakery, it felt like every time I bought a loaf of bread, the next day it was stale and uneatable.

I had pretty much given up on bread when I visited my friend, who I trust with my life. She made me lunch and served me the most delicious French Toast. I couldn’t get over how fresh and soft the bread was. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I asked what bakery she picked it up at. She laughed and told me it was La Boulangerie (like I knew!). That’s when she pulled a bag of Croissant Toast OUT OF THE FREEZER! I couldn’t believe she froze the bread that I thought was baked that day. I was floored. I asked her for the rest of the loaf (LOL) but she told me to order my own. And seeing they were offering 50% off your first order, I DID NOT hesitate.

I received my order in just two days and was so excited to try it out. While I made my first breakfast with it, I learned a little more about the bread…

La Boulangerie uses all non-gmo ingredients, which help keep it’s fresh flavor and as natural as possible.

If you’re concerned about an animal’s well-being as I am, it’s good to know the food you’re eating is using cage-free eggs. It drastically changes the well-being of chickens, and personally, I think it makes for better eggs.

What shocked me the most was that La Boulangerie doesn’t use any artificial preservatives. For how fresh it tasted days after receiving, I was blown away. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s some of the freshest bread I’ve ever eaten.

After a breakfast of french toast, I waited a few hours before digging into the bread again and making myself an avocado sandwich. I truly love how versatile this bread can be. From the flakey croissant to the soft center.

After trying La Boulangerie’s Croissant Toast, I was totally converted into a bread-lover. Whether you are one or not, I definitely recommend this loaf!

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    I love french toast and tried the first bread on list it was perfect!

    Reply 19 a day ago
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    Mary! I agree, Croissant Toast is out of this world. I order it for my whole family.

    Reply 23 a day ago
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    I always just used Wonder Bread, but this Croissant one is so good!

    Reply 15 a day ago
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    Y’all gotta try this! HAHA.

    Reply 10 a day ago

I made an amazing breakfast with Croissant Toast! Eggs, bacon, and toast. I know it sounds simple, but the buttery pastry makes this recipe out of this world!

-Sheri, 40

My favorite lunch these days is smoked salmon and avocado on the Croissant Toast. It’s the perfect meal to give me all the energy I need. I MUST has my Croissant Toast though, it’s heaven!

-Mark, 33

I tried Croissant Toast to make my famous french toast and it literally blew me out of the water. I thought I was good at making breakfast but this took it to another level. You gotta try it!

-Marcy, 28

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